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2022 Dates coming soon
200hr Teacher Training Course

Take your Yoga to the next level and learn how you can incorporate this behaviour into your work and personal life

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Functional Yoga and O Life Programme

We offer a variety of Yoga practices in our classes, which focus around your anatomy, nervous system and connective tissues within your body.

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Yoga is for everyone no matter what your ability, the aim of the practice is to reconnect your mind to your body, to give you a better awareness of how you function and feel. And, more importantly, what feels good and what doesn’t.

We live such busy lives taking care of everyone around us that we often forget about ourselves. We develop guilt for taking time out. This leads to a sense of ill-health and dysfunction.

When you bring Yoga into your life you are providing a space for yourself to learn and develop a sense of well-being. This allows you to feel what is truly real and important to you.

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Functional Yoga and Why it’s more than Dynamic Stretching

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Standards, credibility and respect for our beloved practise.