OmShanti Yoga Living Jersey


My name is Lisa McCabe and I am the founder of OmShanti Yoga Living.  I am a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist and a Registered Yoga Alliance Senior teacher.

I offer group classes and work privately with individuals who have been recommended yoga as a support to their Health and Wellbeing.

Most recently OmShanti Yoga Living has been registered as the first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training School in Jersey. An achievement I am super proud of. I am really looking forward to sharing the knowledge I have learnt over the last 23 years and the ongoing learning I am dedicated to. 


Yoga is for everyone no matter what your ability, the aim of the practice is to reconnect your mind to your body, to give you a better awareness of how you function and feel. And, more importantly, what feels good and what doesn’t.

We live such busy lives taking care of everyone around us that we often forget about ourselves. We develop guilt for taking time out. This leads to a sense of ill-health and dysfunction.

When you bring Yoga into your life you are providing a space for yourself to learn and develop a sense of well-being. This allows you to feel what is truly real and important to you.


When you come to a class or work with me privately my aim is to provide a space for you to learn and discover an awareness of what feels good for you and share ways in which the therapeutic application of yoga can help support you both mentally and physically.



Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank

2020 – Gained Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist

2020 – Completed 500hr Teacher Training with Yoga Medicine

2020 – (YM) – (May) 55 hours Nervous System Training

2018 – (YM) – (September) 25hrs Yoga for Athletes immersion

2017 – (YM) – (September) 25hrs Myofascial Release

2017 – (YM) – (February) 60hrs Anatomy and Dysfunction of the Spine 

2016 – Yoga for Fertility Diploma – Distinction

2016 (YM) – (August) 60 hours Anatomy and Dysfunction of the Shoulder Joint

2016 (YM) – (May) 60 hours Anatomy and Dysfunction of the Hip Joint

2016 – Workshop Elena Brower – The art of Teaching, Triyoga, London

2015 (YM) – (September) 25 hours Shoulder immersion

2015 (YM) Tiffany Cruikshank  Workshop Triyoga London

2015 – Yoga Therapy – Principles of Healing, Yoga Campus, London

2015 – Anatomy of the Spine and Pelvis – Yoga Campus, London

2010 – 200hrs Yoga Therapy  – Byron Yoga School Australia

2010 – Yoga for Pregnancy  – Nadia Narain – Triyoga London

2010 – Certified Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Teacher

2009 – Sarah Powers  – Yin and Yang Yoga Workshop, Triyoga, London

2008  – Sarah Powers  – Yin and Yang Yoga Workshop, Triyoga, London

2007 – Diploma (18-month course) in Yoga teaching with Distinction  – Kevala Centre

2007 – Diploma (18-month course) in Anatomy and Physiology with Distinction – Kevala Centre

2004 – Scott Blossom – Shadow Yoga and Principles of Ayurveda Workshop, Yoga Campus, London

2002 – Paul Grilley – Yin Yoga and Anatomy Workshop – Cornwall



My journey into yoga started when I was 17 and came about from intrigue. I loved the space my practice gave me to really discover my mind and body.

Throughout my yoga experience, I wanted to learn more and became more and more interested in the anatomy of the body and its function.

This led to me studying Yoga Therapy in Australia because I had a keen interest in Yoga and addiction. This interest continued and over the years I have been fortunate enough to spend time with Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Scott Blossom, John Ogilvie, Elena Brower and my now teacher Tiffany Cruikshank.

All of these people have been invaluable to me over the years, from sharing workshops, to teacher training. Each of them has taught me something and allowed me to find my own path in how I teach and discover my own voice.

Yoga for me goes beyond the mat, in the sense that it is a tool (a very wise man in India taught me this) that can be used as and when you need it. An hour on the mat is no more beneficial than a minute spent being aware of your breath. 

As a student, I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learnt and also how I use these tools in my own practice.

As a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist, I am able to work alongside Health Care Professionals as a support to their patients where yoga has been suggested. I also offer group classes and lead teacher trainings and CPD workshops for teachers.