I lead an extremely hectic lifestyle balancing two jobs, various hobbies and an immersive exercise program, so it was no wonder the chiropractor forced me to allow my central nervous system a break. I enrolled in a short course with Lisa which involved myofascial release together with some nerve flossing and ball work. Evidently very slow compared to what I would normally choose, but ultimately it was exactly what I needed. Small classes allow for more individual treatment as no two bodies are the same. Will definitely sign up to the next course as soon as restrictions allow. My mental health as well as my physical health thanked me for this. Cannot recommend highly enough to those facing the physical and mental strains of modern life.


I have attended yoga classes and teacher training with Lisa. Her calm manner and extensive knowledge are outstanding. She puts you at ease and makes practising or learning more about yoga easy to understand and leaves you wanting to know more. I highly recommend Lisa.


Thank you for the video of my latest programme, it’s brilliant. I watched it a couple of times to get the overall picture and now use it each day during my practise. I like the versatility of being able to pause it, or move forward or back during the programme. It has increased my confidence and given me the reassurance that I am working through my practise correctly. Look forward to more videos as I progress with my Yoga.


I worked with Lisa at the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020. I’d done yoga lots of times over the years, from Bikram in the 90s to Yin yoga..although never on zoom. Lisa is very knowledgeable and she guided me through poses I’d never tried before. Our sessions focused on stretching before and after cycling in preparation for a cycle challenge. She provided me with valuable tips and techniques that I will use often, especially the breathing techniques and the mantra.